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Sepehr Palang on Bakhtiari Kebab!
how do you make this one?

silent photos on .::The Sun with a Hat::.
nice shot...

silent photos on Sunset, Persian Gulf, Bushehr, Iran.
nice shot...

Amirossen on .:: Pishi ::.
che motaejebe....cheshasho nega ...kheily naz o ba mazas

Shadi Jalili on .:: Pishi ::.
joda az inke axe qashangye pishie naziam has

H.S. on .:: Pishi ::.
dokhtaram ye axi bezar!

H.S. on .:: Pishi ::.

Chares on .:: Pishi ::.
با سلام, سرزمین پارس از دیرباز مهد تمدن و هنر بشری بوده است که ...

Mahdi on .:: Pishi ::.
very nice animal portrait

*MЯG* on .:: Pishi ::.
pedar sookhte che jigare !!! esm nadare???

pedram on .:: Pishi ::.
kheili gorbeye nazie! akse kheili ghashangi shode! movaffagh bashi!

zahra on .:: Pishi ::.
che naze.

Earnest on .:: Pishi ::.
Very well taken with perfect details filling the frame. I love those eyes!

Loner on .:: Pishi ::.
A fantastic cat portrait !

Pardis on .:: Turtle ::.
yeah, we found it while it was crossing a street.

Self-Indulgence on .:: Turtle ::.
Nice close up though this is a big turtle. Is it yours?

Fade ToBLACK on A Rainy Sunset
well done

Eleftheria on A Rainy Sunset

-1q5yChØt!c- on A Wonderful Weather
extraordinary shot...

Titan on A Wonderful Weather
خيلي زيباست موفق باشي

WABIKOJA on A Wonderful Weather
A fascinating, and very nicely captured, photograph.

Mohammadreza Rezania on .:: Dad Hotel ::.
fogholadast noorha ...

Mohammadreza Rezania on .:: The Moon ::.
aks az mah ro khili dost daram :) ...

Faramarz on ..:: Sunset ::..
خيلي زيباست

. . _Reza Nia _ . . on The moon & trees
nice shot. خيلي خوب و رويايي شده البته يه كم نويز قابل چشم‌پوشي است

. . _Reza Nia _ . . on The Biulding of Eram Garden
good pic.

Maryam on The Biulding of Eram Garden

Masoud Nahali on The Biulding of Eram Garden
so nice work, if the sun was absent !! it may be possible that we can see the reflection of the building on the water. ...

Maryam on The moon & trees
Nice hot!

Ekaputra Tupamahu on The moon & trees
interesting shot!

Maryam on Butterfly

Doug on .:: The Half Moon ::.
I always like a moon shot. Nice. (I usually go under 1/100th second exposure for moon shots (which tends to get ...

Maryam on .::The Mole Cricket::.
Great details!

Disoriented on .:: The Half Moon ::.
This is amazing with the details of the craters! Nicely done!

Eleftheria, 9 years old, on .:: A Corn Poppy ::.
I love it! Beautiful color!

fairuz on .:: The Half Moon ::.
nice but quite soft.still fantastic

Eleftheria, 9 years old, on .:: Yellow Flowers ::.
I love yellow flowers!

Maryam on .:: Lovely Day & Weather ::.

Maryam on .:: Flying Through The Clouds ::.
zatet namezare...:))

MOHAMMAD on .:: Having Fun ::.
عکس خوبیه من فکرکنم باید موافق با نور می ایستادی

Dimitrios on .:: Having Fun ::.
a happy shot

MJ on .:: Dolatabad Garden ::.
nice framing and composition

shahab on .::Delicious Colours::.
Hmmmmmmmmm!Look really delicious!

Condemna on .:: The Moon ::.
Too soft. Try shooting the moon when it's half full: you'll get a much stronger sense of depth and ...

nabeel on .:: The Moon ::.
so nicely taken good shot tcare

rem_la on .:: The Moon ::.
euh, je savais pas qu'elle était plate !!

eksir on .::On The Way To Shiraz ::.
great shot

Maryam on Afifabad Garden
Really nice! I wish I was there...

Maryam on .:: Having Rest In The Rain On The Tree ::.
Nice shot!

Maryam on ..:: Red ::..
Nice shot!well done.

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